What are some of the main ethical concerns multimedia and mobile journalists need to keep in mind ?

With the advent of the Mojo journalist, several key negative ethical issues have arisen. Firstly with the new found speed to which a Mojo journalist can post there news brings problems also. The news world is extremely competitive so speed is paramount to beat the competition. What suffers?, fact checking does. With the technology so

How is the increasing use of social media as a news source affecting journalism?

Social media has been revolutionary to the work of the Journalist. Before social media, the Journalist would have to hit the beat make calls and have contacts to even generate a story. Now, these things still exist but many stories start via social media and give the basis for further investigation. Social media has become

My Project According2indiemusic.com is now live

according2indiemusic.com As part of my transition, from editing news to a content creator, I have as part of my studies in Journalism created according2indiemusic.com. Here I had to be a one man band. I wrote, voiced interviewed shot and designed the whole project.  The project basically tells the story of Indie musicians, how they make

How might the rapid uptake of live video streaming such as Facebook live change journalism as we know it?

Facebook live has enabled Journalists to take the user or viewer beyond the story.  When a news story breaks the Journalist can simply start a stream via Facebook and report instantly what is happening without delay. Where the medium really excels is the viewership and interactivity can then participate in the feed by asking questions

What role is smartphone, or mobile journalism (MOJO) playing in contemporary journalism? Contains unread posts

Mojo Journalism is part of democratisation, a movement which is occurring across all media forms. It is all about a power shift, taking the power from a few and giving it to the many. Now anyone can be a journalist. With the advent of mobile phone , the citizen journalist can go places and report

What has been the impact of convergence on journalism? Can journalism survive in analogue (non-digital) forms?  How well are traditional news outlets adapting? 

I saw this happening first hand in my work. In the early 2010’s expectations were changing. I was working at the ABC , desktop editing was becoming the norm. Journalists now bought their reports back to the base had the media ingested then from their desk could edit their report for television, radio and online.

How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism in the media?

The adaption of multimedia Journalism has completely changed the way the newsroom works and functions. As someone who used to work in newsrooms, the multimedia department was small, then the change came and everyone in the newsroom had to have those skills. News is no longer reported in one form or another, it is always

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