What are some of the main ethical concerns multimedia and mobile journalists need to keep in mind ?

With the advent of the Mojo journalist, several key negative ethical issues have arisen. Firstly with the new found speed to which a Mojo journalist can post there news brings problems also. The news world is extremely competitive so speed is paramount to beat the competition. What suffers?, fact checking does. With the technology so mobile and so small, many would have the inclination to be covert in recording discussions and filming without prior authority, after all, who is going to suspect a phone they are small and covert.

One way to destroy your career quickly would be to start filming in a private event where strictly no media are allowed. The temptation is to film and catch a public figure doing something they should not, but alas if it isn’t in a public place they have every right to come after you.

Then there is the case of Neda Agha Soltan, she was shot in Iran in 2009 and a mojo amateur journalist filed the whole thing and posted it on social media. It was then picked up by mass media and reported on widely. It could be argued that posting a video of a woman bleeding to death is in bad taste but equally so it could be said that doing so brings light to this issue that might not have been reported otherwise. These are the challenges that being ethical brings.


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