How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism in the media?

The adaption of multimedia Journalism has completely changed the way the newsroom works and functions. As someone who used to work in newsrooms, the multimedia department was small, then the change came and everyone in the newsroom had to have those skills.

News is no longer reported in one form or another, it is always a combination of many differing media forms. When one logs into a news site such as a Fairfax paper for example. You were confronted with video at the top of the page, then followed by text and in some cases even links to a podcast.

Lately the design of The Age has changed they seem to be pulling some of the elements back a bit. Gone are the auto playing videos in most cases. We are seeing a cleaner interface with with small well laid out text passages with very clear headings interspearsed with photographs, and even live blogging and social media posts. is a news site that uses multimedia elements very sucsesfully. On one page you will find , audio video photography and text as well as social posts all laid out in a way that interweaves the elements to tell one complete story. Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.33.07 pm

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.14.06 pm.png



Multimedia elements help to tell a  targeted engaging story. Peoples attention span’s are not what they used to be, so engaging all these elements helps to draw in the audience , stay longer and in most cases be, marketed to using ads.

My viewing of online content mainly begins within social media channels. I follow most things I am interested in and follow the links out to the stories. Doing this is akin to utilising a form of curation designed just for you.





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