1st Nepal Video for volunteer society Nepal , Volunteer Profile Virginia Melodia

Here in the first Video for the Volunteer society I interview Virginia Melodia a 19year old who bravely came to Nepal by herself to teach child monks. Here you will see and learn about her experiences. She also reflects on volunteering in general and offers up advice for those thinking of following her lead. For

Volunteering in Nepal Short Documentary , Volunteer Society Nepal , what’s it like? what are NGO’s about?

Premiering my short film about Volunteer Society Nepal. September 2019, I traveled to Kathmandu Nepal to undertake an internship in video making as part of my internship unit for my post graduate studies in communications. I come from a background as a videographer and video editor, so the challenge of working in the 3rd world

Nepal blog post 7 Pokhara

Everyday here is yet another intense episode in emotional ups and downs. So now for the story. When I came to Nepal it was of the upmost importance that I practiced meditation whilst here and go on my own journey.   So here I am I go up to a small Buddhist enclave for a

Nepal post 6 An Australians perspective A festive evening.

Tonight I went to another festival at Durbar Square in Kathmandu. The heaving mass of people smell and spirit was palpable . The colors the spirit . Every minute a new sensation. There was singing of hypnotic tunes whilst woman dressed in their fineries danced to the hypnotic beats and chants of the accumulated crowds.

Nepal post 4 An Australians perspective A day out at a Buddhist monastery

Yesterday was a monumental day. I finished the shoot for my project. Initially I was meant to interview the head monk but alas things conspired against that happening, so I got to interview a child monk and photograph the absolutely wonderful child monks. Whilst there I had the privilege to witness one of the volunteers

Nepal post 1

Before I arrived I promised myself to post every day which is hard because of the sheer overabundance of stimulation one has when working in such a country but here goes. Upon arriving in this far away place, you are confronted by the face your in a 3rd world country. The smells the cracked roads

Multimedia Journalism A reflection

This unit has raised a lot of questions and has answered many as well. Before this unit, I had never interviewed anyone now I have. I learned a lot about listening and feeding of your interview subjects. I found that really it comes down to a few fundamentals. Good research, good listening and good people

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