Professional Profile and Video Showreel

Professional Profile and Video Showreel

Please enjoy my showreel.

As a highly multi skilled innovative professional, I have edited on many different editing platforms, such as Avid, Final Cut Pro, Grass Valley Aurora. I bring an innovative approach through the use of graphics, using audio in a creative manner and utilising various editing techniques.

My skills have been developed in a broadcast television setting which has taught me to be fastidious, deliver on time and be creative in problem solving.My passion is for story telling, new and emerging video multimedia streaming technologies and the enjoyment of striving towards a projects goal.

I am a skilled photographer with expertise in Photoshop image manipulation, illustrator and After Effects for motion graphics creation.

As a humble, reliable technical expert, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. However, I believe I could add value to any business through the use of cutting edge technologies involved with filming, editing and photography. My passion is in generating new ideas on how to use tech to enhance peoples lives and to inform as well as entertain.

If my skills could be of value to you or your organisation, now is a great time, as I am currently available for contract or permanent work.

To get it touch drop me a line at or contact me on 0468329000

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