How is the increasing use of social media as a news source affecting journalism?

Social media has been revolutionary to the work of the Journalist. Before social media, the Journalist would have to hit the beat make calls and have contacts to even generate a story. Now, these things still exist but many stories start via social media and give the basis for further investigation.

Social media has become an important investigative and communication tool as well. Michael Bachelard interviewed asylum seekers in Indonesia and then kept in touch with them via social media to chart their plight for a story. Social media also breaks down the walls of control, no longer can companies or governments control their information in the way they could. It is a lot harder for stories to stay buried, a post on Facebook or maybe Twitter could be all it takes to expose corruption or illegality within an organisation. Often stories start with the citizen journalist reporting what they have seen or even taking video. This often happens in countries with locked down regimes stop the flow of information. The big news outlets take the citizen reports and repackage them for a wider audience, often they will take several citizen reports and cut them into one package. 


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