What role is smartphone, or mobile journalism (MOJO) playing in contemporary journalism? Contains unread posts

Mojo Journalism is part of democratisation, a movement which is occurring across all media forms.

It is all about a power shift, taking the power from a few and giving it to the many. Now anyone can be a journalist. With the advent of mobile phone , the citizen journalist can go places and report on events that a professional crew never could.

There are examples of this in recent years. During the arab spring many governments in the middle east started to fall due to people movement revolts and an undying want for change. Most of these events were reported using mobile phones. It was to dangerous for media organisations so the people because the reporters on the ground. In Egypt all international news networks were thrown out by the then president Hosni Mubarak.

Aljazeera had a quoted 4000 citizen journalists at the events during the fall of the Egyptian president. News was instant as it happened, it was being fed back to the networks bypassing the controls put on by a failing government.

This form of journalism challenges established power structures leads to the exposing of corruption, brutality and gives power back to the people.


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