How might the rapid uptake of live video streaming such as Facebook live change journalism as we know it?

Facebook live has enabled Journalists to take the user or viewer beyond the story.  When a news story breaks the Journalist can simply start a stream via Facebook and report instantly what is happening without delay. Where the medium really excels is the viewership and interactivity can then participate in the feed by asking questions of the journalist in the field. It​ allows the journalist to be expansive in his reporting rather than packaged and brief which happens in daily news packages.

News networks have adapted to Facebook live in differing ways, for instance, Sky news Australia stream live press conferences especially political ones. An example of this was the recent change of leadership of the Liberal party there were content full live unedited pressers and expanded streamed discussions via the platform.



The other important part of facebook live is the citizen journalist, where professional journalists can or won’t go a citizen can film and describe what is going on. An example of this was the shooting of Philando Castile. During a traffic stop a cop pulled a weapon, and shot him.His girlfriend streamed in on Facebook live. This led to a lot of healthy debate over racism against blacks by cops. Also led to the police officer being charged with manslaughter. My final point here the negatives. In this case, the facebook live only showed one context of the event happening, this can be a major drawback in presenting some kind of truth on the day there was dash cam footage as well of before the Facebook live stream started, which adds detail and context.

The later the girl friend posted a Facebook live video after the event. Giving voice to her skilled boyfriend. It could be argued her videos were journalism but then something interesting happened the networks took her content and packaged it into news packages. So the question arises are citizen journlists now the creators of journliam or are they the stories unto themselves.





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