A little bit about myself.

I am a creative passionate person. I love nothing more than taking out my camera and shooting pictures. I love a challenge and being kept on the edge of my seat. I cant stand hypocrisy and injustice. I am musical I play and write. I am a video editor professionally . When I am editing its like the worlds problems disappear.

I have worked for television broadcasters in Australia and in England and love the challenge of delivering content to tight deadlines. Keeping on the edge of my seat keeps me fresh and creative.

I love design whether it be an apple product or a chair that has that special something. I have recently become more interested in video design and enjoy creating graphical elements with After Effects.

I love technology and how it impacts of those who use it. I believe technology and information sharing is the key to creating a more fair and equatable world. I am an idealist who believes in wealth creation through big projects , infrastructure and ideas.

I love traveling, meeting weird and interesting people and sharing in there lives and experiences.
When I travel I do so independently , hoping trains hitching rides as the experience is what makes it special.