Nepal blog post 7 Pokhara

Nepal blog post 7 Pokhara

Everyday here is yet another intense episode in emotional ups and downs. So now for the story. When I came to Nepal it was of the upmost importance that I practiced meditation whilst here and go on my own journey.

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So here I am I go up to a small Buddhist enclave for a drop in session no one was there. But to my amazement I met 4 lovely German’s who were after the same thing as me. They invited me along we found the place.

At first my brain was saying this is silly this is ridiculous . There was chanting breathing exercise whilst seated cross legged. I cant say that did it for me particular. When we went to a lie down position everything changed. I felt my heart rate slow my breathing deepen. But alas after about 30 minutes it bought a few painful things to the surface I wasn’t thinking or particularly wanting to face. At first I was deterred but not now. There is relaxation at 4pm so I will continue to give it a go.

Pokhara is just a stunning place. Its very tranquil and peaceful . I like it, I just enjoy roaming down the streets going into shops seeing all the lovely handmade crafts. I feel at peice here.

I can see why its so popular , it has clubs great places to eat and im at the foot of the hymalaya . Next up is Tuesday , if the torrential downpour stops I will be going in a baloon. A silly dream I know , I have wanted to go up for a long time but alas the weather isnt looking promising. We shall see…

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