Nepal blog post 7 Pokhara

Everyday here is yet another intense episode in emotional ups and downs. So now for the story. When I came to Nepal it was of the upmost importance that I practiced meditation whilst here and go on my own journey.

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So here I am I go up to a small Buddhist enclave for a drop in session no one was there. But to my amazement I met 4 lovely German’s who were after the same thing as me. They invited me along we found the place.

At first my brain was saying this is silly this is ridiculous . There was chanting breathing exercise whilst seated cross legged. I cant say that did it for me particular. When we went to a lie down position everything changed. I felt my heart rate slow my breathing deepen. But alas after about 30 minutes it bought a few painful things to the surface I wasn’t thinking or particularly wanting to face. At first I was deterred but not now. There is relaxation at 4pm so I will continue to give it a go.

Pokhara is just a stunning place. Its very tranquil and peaceful . I like it, I just enjoy roaming down the streets going into shops seeing all the lovely handmade crafts. I feel at peice here.

I can see why its so popular , it has clubs great places to eat and im at the foot of the hymalaya . Next up is Tuesday , if the torrential downpour stops I will be going in a baloon. A silly dream I know , I have wanted to go up for a long time but alas the weather isnt looking promising. We shall see…

Nepal post 3 An Australian’s perspective

Now in my second week doing my volunteering/internship my body is struggling quite a bit with the taxing heat. I just cant eat very much or the dreaded travelers belly attacks occur. I think of this experience like a physically demanding marathon. I am powering through managing everything but will be glad to move onto Pokhara on the weekend.

The trip itself so far has been quite organic. It has now been shortened somewhat because of the issues I have had. But I have still gained a lot from it. Yesterday I went upto the monkey temple to film and photograph the volunteers on a sight seeing trip.


The monkey temple is a stunning Buddhist monument perched way above the city of Kathmandu. In the heat climbing the stairs was a bit of fun, note the sarcasm , but when you get up there the views were amazing.

monkey temple views
monkey temple

Photographing the volunteers was also fun and very dramatic in such an amazing location here are some examples.

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Yesterday the traffic as usual was manic it just took forever to get to the temple. On the way back we would stop for 10 minutes at a time not moving anywhere. Then this happened.



Yes she was waving at me evidently calling out if I had any chocolate . She was in her school uniform and extremely cheeky to boot.

The last few days here in Kathmandu will be interesting. I am interviewing a Monk and have permission to film at the Monastery . I am also talking to the director of the NGO and just have some bits of pieces to film before I go to Pokhara .

I am being driven to Pokhara which should be interesting then flying back to Kathmandu at the end of next week. Although Pokhara isn’t more than a few hundred km’s away its takes 6-8hrs because of needing to wind around the mountains. That’s why I decided to fly one way and drive the other..  more to come….

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