Nepal post 6 An Australians perspective A festive evening.

Nepal post 6 An Australians perspective A festive evening.

Tonight I went to another festival at Durbar Square in Kathmandu.

The heaving mass of people smell and spirit was palpable . The colors the spirit . Every minute a new sensation. There was singing of hypnotic tunes whilst woman dressed in their fineries danced to the hypnotic beats and chants of the accumulated crowds.

It was such a big event even the president of the country was there, so with that so was his guards dressed in beautiful suits carry very large guns.

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Afterwards I was taken for a bit of a walk through a local neighbourhood. I was able to witness some of the best stores carrying the best stuff in Nepal. To all out there. DO NOT buy anything in the tourist precinct of Thamel I have been told by countless persons the quality is awlful and your just going to end up scammed.

On the way back to Bhaktapur , I felt a little sadness. Life here is tough. I have not seen in my life a more adaptable people though on this earth. The way they make the best of a difficult situation is amazing. If the roads flooded they drive through it. If something breaks they patch it up. We in the west throw everything out. We have it wrong on so many levels. The more I travel the more I am convinced this is so. We cant fix anything, creativity is being lost we are becoming slaves to what big business and politicians feed us. Being here in Nepal has shed light on a people who havn’t been brainwashed think and do what ever is best in their minds for the family unit. For me that’s refreshing and inspiring.

Yesterday I found out another fact if you , you being a foreigner go and buy a coffee you with pay around 200 rupee for the locals its 50. I dont know how I feel about such systems. To me it feels a bit discrimintry .

The people I have met here have restored my faith in a humanity I believed no longer existed. Baring a few who have attempted to scam me. I feelĀ  I have made new friends, and created new oportunities (hopefully) The film I will edit when I get home I hope will educate and inspire as well as hopefully showing a side of people that we rarily see. Now I head on the road to Pokhara where you will hear from me next…


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