Singapore a place of treasure and adventure.

Singapore a place of treasure and adventure.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a week in Singapore. What a place!!

Most people consider it a stop over on there way to the more fancied Europe. To those who do, you don’t know what you are missing. If you love architecture , food , shopping and insane amounts of fused together cultures crafts and colouSome notes aboutr Singapore is for you. If you drink , smoke like dropping litter or using drugs best not to go or you might end up in deep s**t.


Singapore has a lot of everything, malls are huge retail is like a religion . One famous story in Singapore called the mustafa centre is a prime example of this. Go to any supermarket in australia you might find 10 different toothpastes but at the mustafa centre there is a whole wall of toothpaste.

There jewellery floor is an example in to much is never enough giant cases as far as the eye can see of gold.

mustafa centre

The electronics section was equally as incredible with every headphone , phone tablet , computer you could imagine. The surprise for me was that while not overly expensive a lot of the goods weren’t much cheaper than Australia.

For anyone going there a few no go’s. First of all China town was totally over rated. It has a 7 day a week market that happens there it is totally full of tat. Basically cheap mad manufactured trinkets. There is no hand made crafts in the centre for that you have to go of the main drag.


The food was exceptional my favourite dish is definitely the chicken rice. Which is so simple but rascally varies depending on where you get it.


It is basically steamed chicken then put into ice and hung up to room temperature. The rice is cooked in a chicken broth. As you can see it also comes with a little bowl of warm broth as well. When done well its so yum its indescribable. The mango slushi drink pictures is so sweet so rich and so nice. The whole meal was about $9 Australian.

The big problem I had.

The heat is insane like a sauna. Do yourself a favour go sit in a sauna with yr cloths on and thats pretty much it. Singapore is really hot really muggy and uncomfortable. If we westerners walk to far without drinking you will inevitably suffer heat stroke. The best way to do things is to get the MRT train where you want to go and get a taxi from there. Everywhere is air-conditioned which greatly helps. To live there you just couldn’t be outside for large amounts of time in the middle of the day.

The MRT train is quite something to. Firstly it is incredibly cheap is barely a few dollars at most to go across town. There is no graffiti no rubbish, no torn seats and surprise it turns up on time. I know the Singaporeans are incredibly proud of the mass commuter system they have every rite to be. Just don’t drink a bottle of water or munch on your favourite sandwich as that to will bring a $300 fine.

I know there are people out there who will say. Singapore is unfair Singapore is this and that. But I look at it another way. Any country where you can walk home in the middle of the night without be hassled. Anywhere where there is no graffiti, drunks on the street and very minimal crime overall . How can you argue thats a bad thing. Yes alcohol is ridiculously expensive as are smokes . Its really pricey to get drunk but I am all for it. I never felt unsafe. Everyone was very giving. There was a story I read where a thai couple left a million dollars in a cab in Singapore , guess what the cab driver handed it back. Did he get a reward I can’t say.

One of the highlights of the trip was going up to the top of the hotel complex Marina Bay Sands.


The view is just astonishing, sitting up there on a warm day with a nice fruity cocktail was just wonderful. The complex itself is a major marvel of engineering and western ideology. It has 2000 hotel rooms that are never empty as well as countless shops a casino for very high rollers and some of the most amazing restaurants I have come across.


Next on the agenda was gardens by the bay. It is a man made garden on reclaimed land housing 2 of the most spectacular domes in the world. Evidently the 2 indoor domes are the biggest non supported glass domes in the world.

IMG_0309 IMG_0304 IMG_0294

The strutted are a nice change from the 34 degree temperatures outside. They are cool and only grow cool climate plants. This kind of makes sense. In one of the domes you start at the bottom and end up at the top of this man made waterfall. All the while you are being sprayed with lovely cool water. The orchids are a particular highlight here. The richness of the colour and the odour is quite something.  You end up at the top and you walk your way down a long winding bridge which ends you up at a little film theatre showing a film on how the worlds stuffed and life will end as we know it.

I also have to give a nod to Changi airport. It is no wonder it has won so many awards. It is the most user friendly airport I have ever been through. From leaving the aircraft I was in a cab no more then 15 minutes later. Its absolutely pristine. Very easy to navigate. They even have a little train that travels from one terminal to another for free. I was able to get a shower before coming home and have a great meal there for a very reasonable cost. Checkin was very quick and again there are lots of customer service people around who keep asking where do you need to get to. Then one is pointed in the rite direction.

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