Keying and compositing onto a non green screen background in Final Cut Pro X

This is a follow up to my previous post about video producing.

I was working  on my footage within Final Cut Pro X and I had an issue.

The background behind my interviewee was white and very bland. So I decided to try and replace the background with something more interesting. I asked a few colleagues I know if that was even possible. I was told it wasn’t without a green screen. Low and behold it can be done. The internal keyer within Final Cut Pro can do it and it it very well indeed. Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.34.57 pm

The way I did it was to blow out the background so to make it as pure white as possible. Once I had a solid white the keyer was able to analyse the clip and workout and seperate the foreground from background.

Its just so ridiculously easy once you know how.

This technique allows you to shoot without green or blue screens . You can now do a composite using a white wall.

A few things to keep in mind if doing this. Make sure your subjects don’t wear white otherwise the key can be harder to obtain. The same goes if your shooting green screen make sure there not wearing green. 

Make sure that your background is brightly lit and that the lighting is consistent without shadows.

If you adhere to these rules keying in post production will be quite easy. If mistakes are made there is more work and the process can drag on.





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