So I started this week in my new fill in role at channel 31, editing there promo’s.
It was fantastic to be back professionally editing after a break of over a year.
I most enjoy working through creative and technical problems , sometimes coming up with answers that rant on the face of it obvious.

I edited a promo this week that to me made perfect sense and proportionately I felt the amount of text video music and grabs worked.
Then I showed it to a couple of people in the office who pointed out, although it was well put together and slick and snappy it wasn’t truly clear what the show was about. So thinking this through I wrote a script and dully recorded a voice over. The voice was 2 lines it basically read “show titles coming at 9 , the story of 3 friends forging there own path” . This revaluation that so little can make such a huge difference got me thinking…

We as video practitioners need to focus on proportionate use of elements in out productions. To much one way ,not enough the other ,can totally distort the message in your video whether it be a promo a bumper or a long form documentary.

So how do we determine what proportianlly works? I go back again to something I bring up over and over again and that is process or your personnel workflow. Through experience I have developed a process that works for me. In the case of the promo, it was draw the fundamental elements of what the show was, whether it be keywords or feel. Then I layer a couple of different music tracks down for feel and cut in the pictures I felt best represented that fundamental idea. I then came up with the idea , as the show was about the there friends enhancing that message with a graphic. Then I added the voice as mentioned above. Now the hard part, making the elements work together and not take away from each other.

To become good at this a certain understanding that people can only take in so much visual and auditory information at once. So the voice would go over vision that is non descript to enhance the narative being told. Music down low for emotion to convey its a comedy and grabs from the show with audio to introduce some personality of the characters. Its all about balance and to learn this and develop your intuition ask for feedback I have been around a while I still do its the best tool for getting that message rite.

In coming weeks I hope to be able to post some of this work on the blog stay tuned.

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I am a traveler. I am a video editor having worked in broadcast television. I love films, different cultures, theatre reading and wide and varied music types. I adore my mac . I love my Fuji X pro 1 camera . I dream of one day living in england permanantly.

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