Uni Post Week 4 Creative Process and Organisation.

This week there are a few issues and discoveries I wish to touch upon, relating to me and the creative process.
Firstly, this week I started in a voluntary capacity training to work as there promo producer.
Whilst I was training ,I was reminded the importance of process in the creative arena.
The work , editing and compiling the promo’s themselves are not difficult ,but understanding and the implementation of the workflow and processes will take some practice.
A process in a creative project should be setup in a way that any other editor could walk of the street and undertake that role at any time. So the rule is before one starts a project, one needs to work out naming conventions that are simple and easy to understand. One needs to work out their organisation and folder structure for the different elements of the project.
Why not dive in just go for it? Were creative artists we are not organised.
This is why, as the project builds with layer upon layer of material you might be nearly finished, then oops something isn’t rite. Oh how do I fix it?, was it a problem in layer x or layer b of composition h . If the file structure’s are straight forward , and things well organised you will be able to drill into your project and find the problem in a straight forward manner.
A great example of this was during my training at 31 , the trainer was running me through the templates that had been created to create on screen graphics. Text was grouped together, solids were also grouped and everything was color coded within each group of layers.
For me the fact that it was so organised showed although 31 is a amateur station, the people running it are highly professional in their approach.
From those few hours of training that I gained , I will use this methodology in After Effects for all my future work. I have to be honest and admit in the past my organisation has been a weak point of my professional practice. In the end I do actually believe organisation and process are what shows professionals from amateurs, and there fore it is something I must work on.

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