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A couple of weekends ago my brother bought a new Mac. A gorgeous 21.5 inch quad core Mac.
What I wanted to touch upon in this post is the setting up of the Mac. He has bought this Machine to run as a Business and personal machine. Through doing the setup I have discovered some things I just love.

The setting up of a business and personnel account on the Mac is an essential and very easy thing to do.
I have installed Microsoft office for Mac. I dont mind Outlook for Mac. I know I might get screamed at for saying something good about Microsoft but as an all in one app for email and business tasks it cant be beat. Well maybe it can but I haven’t seen anything better.

For the business side of things the contacts will sync via google into outlook and into his android phone via a 3rd party app. There he will be able to access email , tasks calendar from his Outlook whilst on the road.

The new iMacs WOW they are thin. Some people might not like fact that the optical drive has gone. But ask yourself this when did you last burn a DVD I know I haven’t in a very long time.

The screen is also amazing. It has fantastic viewing angles and is a full 1080p LED panel. Did I mention? Its fast its very fast. Apps snap open quickly , logins load quickly everything has a great feel.
Nice one apple including a wireless keyboard and mouse as standard.

All in all a seamless setup. I myself run a Quad Macbook Pro but I have to say I have major lust envy over this iMac .

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I am a traveler. I am a video editor having worked in broadcast television. I love films, different cultures, theatre reading and wide and varied music types. I adore my mac . I love my Fuji X pro 1 camera . I dream of one day living in england permanantly.

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