A cautionary tale about Paypal and Ebay

Recently I upgraded to a zoom lens on my Xpro 1.
So I sold my 18mm wide angle prime on ebay.
When I listed the lens I said it was in perfect condition and clean.
Once the buyer had received the lens, I got a nasty shock.
He requested his money back as it said it was scratched and marked.
Believing I had the proof that he was wrong I stuck it out and let paypal decide.

They came down on his side. Keep in mind the following
I said I didnt accept returns.
The lens was near new and perfect.
it went to him anyway. He submitted a macro shot picture of a few micro dust particles that had fallen on the lens when he unpacked it.
He also said he had wiped it and used a blower to remove the dirt.

Fast forward to today I get it back.
One wipe with a non static cloth and all those 5 or 6 dust particles gone. Yes gone.

Lesson learned . You cant appeal . It will go the buyers way every time no matter what.
I am now down $50 dollars in fees and shipping for something that wasn’t my doing.
I also have a lens that I dont need and money in a lens that now I cant afford.
It is the last time I ever sell on Ebay I just cant afford to screwed like this.

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Published byGreg Orr

I am a traveler. I am a video editor having worked in broadcast television. I love films, different cultures, theatre reading and wide and varied music types. I adore my mac . I love my Fuji X pro 1 camera . I dream of one day living in england permanantly.

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