SMART 3d TV in the home.

Last week, we acquired a new Samsung 3d smart television .

I have been very excited about the smart television platform as in my opinion and others this is the future of home entertainment and media.

Consider a day when you the viewer can watch what you want when you want.

Consider also no matter what your interest there will be content for you when you want it.

How will this work? Production houses ,organisations small companies and big companies will be able to develop smart apps. These apps will like smart phone apps deliver content via your internet connection. Some will be pay per view some will have subscriptions and a lot will be free.

But and here is the but ,the future is already here. Most television manufactures already have smart tv platforms. They work in mostly the same way to an iphone . They have a app store where you download your apps, you install the app and your away.

Already there are apps for streaming movie rentals , 3d streaming short films an english theatre app to view plays from the UK just to name a few.

3D in your TV, I have the spectacle of 3d since I was a child. I understand why it is contraversial .

Most things they say about 3d are rite. The picture is darker , it can give you a headache and the glasses can be annoying. In my opinion this is the worst case scenario . At its best its exciting ,immersive and genuinely fantastic. There are varying factors as to what you will need to get the best from 3d.

Firstly content, bad 3d will give you eye strain. Forget those silly things flying at you. I hate that. 3d is at its very best when used it a subtle way giving depth to space . I have seen it used brilliantly in a film called PINA which was a documentary about dance. The camera would be in between the dancers giving a feeling of space and depth only possible before by being in the actual theatre.

Gaming is also fantastic in 3d Batman Arkham city is fantastic in 3d. Just watch Batman glide through the city as the buildings pass you by.

I am not saying its perfect or for everyone. But as an added extra that comes with your TV its a fantastic feature. In the end if you dont like it dont use it.

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I am a traveler. I am a video editor having worked in broadcast television. I love films, different cultures, theatre reading and wide and varied music types. I adore my mac . I love my Fuji X pro 1 camera . I dream of one day living in england permanantly.

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