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Another week gone and ideas are a plenty. The subject’s I have chosen are tying together nicely .They have given me a clear idea of what I will do for my After Effects projects and how I will go about doing them.
The reason I undertook the compositing subject was because I believed it was a skill I needed as a professional editor so my project will revolve around practicing and developing this skill.

I will undertake a video collage. The idea is that you will see a garden with a striking sky. In this backwards world ,flowers will open and close in timelapse flying saucers will fly through the sky and trees will sway in the wind. Whilst this is all happening I will compose some incidental music to accompany it.

These are some possible elements for the piece



The world I am aiming to create will be psychedelic and abstract in its nature. It will look neither real but more like an obscure dream sequence.
It will comprise of illustrator designed flying saucers and other aerial objects , still photography shot by myself,of different folliage and stock vision of time lapsing flowers.

My first challenge will be to work out the perspective’s I need for background plates. I will need to shoot or find a sky. Then find a mid ground and foreground that fits together. I am aiming for the project to have quite a bit of depth and not look flat in nature. It doesn’t have to look real but the proportions need to be correct to give this world the cooky look I am after.

Once the backgrounds are set , I will then endeavor to start compositing in the elements working in sections. I could start with the sky , adding in the flying objects then set in mid ground and foreground against that.

As I am learning I believe feedback from my lecturer will be important. I will endeavor to send working versions of it through as the process builds. This blog will display the process of this project as it goes on. I feel quite confident with it as I feel the techniques I have practiced in class and professionally will give me the ability to carry this through.

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