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As part of my transition, from editing news to a content creator, I have as part of my studies in Journalism created

Here I had to be a one man band. I wrote, voiced interviewed shot and designed the whole project.  The project basically tells the story of Indie musicians, how they make a dollar sell their product and gives a bit of reality to what one needs to know to survive as a self managed artist.

The site has profiles on the 3 participants, Sophie Koh , Josh Voce and Georgia Fields as well as some recordings I made of them playing acoustically. It also has a podcast discussion about indie music and a news and radio package about the industry.

There is lots of media to watch and listen to and lots of things to click on.

I learned a lot from the experience and felt more confident as I did more interviewing. It was a real labour of love and I hope that comes through in the end product.

More shooting with the Fuji 55-200 X Pro 1 combination

I went shooting Today with the Fuji X pro 1 at Healesville sanctuary in Melbourne I thought I would share a couple of shots. Again this lens is a stunner sharp focuses well. I am just loving it enjoy.

Click to view bigger wallaby shot with the 55-200 fuji lens

2 pelicans

Click to view bigger fuji 55-200 zoom

Another sample I shot using the X Mount fuji 55-200 Zoom lens.

I was looking through my pictures this morning and found this shot I did with the new Fuji 55-200mm zoom and my X Pro 1. Another meerkat . This lens is so sharp I just love it enjoy. Shot at 200mm at f7 iso 1600

Please click to see full size . 55-200 fujifilm x mount lens

Shooting with the Fujifilm 55-200 lens on my Fuji X Pro 1

Today I shot some pictures at Melbourne’s zoo. The occasion was to test out and learn the pro’s and cons of the Fuji 55-200 lens.
I have to say I was really impressed by its performance . Bokeh is lovely. Auto focus in my opinion is probably the best I have seen in the X system to date. I found the image stabilisation to work fantastically well. That being an important feature for myself as I have never had the steadiest hands. The lens is heavy compared to other X system lenses. But it is very light compared to full size SLR lenses. DSCF4248

The pictures here are edited in Lightroom using VSCO film filters for Fuji Cameras.
The lens was very well balanced in hand and I also have to say I wear a black rapid camera strap . It never felt to weighty hanging by my side.

The lens is very very sharp especially around F8. I think this is the best aperture to shoot with the lens. Since the XPRO 1 can shoot so clean in high ISO’s I feel keeping it at F8 is very workable on a shoot.

The focus ring is quite stiff as noted in other reviews but you soon get used to it. Although I am not a fan of getting rid of the aperture marks on the lens , this again is something you get used to.


The lens is fun to shoot with, you can track moving objects and focus, With practice. All in all I am very happy with it. It delivered or exceeded my expectations.


A trip to Nobu restaurant at Crown Casino Melbourne on my big birthday a review

So today it was my birthday. I had the great pleasure of having one of the most incredible meals ever at Nobu at Crown Casino Melbourne.

You are greeted at the front desk by some of the most friendliest and warmest staff. Then shown to your seat. I should also mention that eating here is an experience to savour. As it was my birthday I was given birthday greetings by the staff. Each dish is described in the upmost detail and matched to your own personal tastes by the wait staff. I chose to share a sashimi bento box with my mother. sashimi bento box

You start at the bottom of the box and work your way forward as you move forward the flavours change and develop and work off each other. The cured fish sashimi was spectacular , even the salad was spectacular.
The moving onto the desert we had a platter of decadent delights it was like something out of charlie and the chocolate factory. With My favourite being a small cup with coffee ,lacquer and milk so light and fluffy with a cake bottom and ooozing chocolate. The sorbet just fizzled in your mouth and was so fresh and fragrant it left a smell of fruit in your nose.

decadent delights for all
decadent delights for all

Nabu is a stunning place unto itself the styling classy and becoming of its fusion origins . We are so lucky to have places like this in Australia. Our restaurant scene is world class and what I ate today is rite up there with some of the best food I have eaten around the world.
5 stars all round.

Reminder Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow Screening this thursday in Australia.

A big reminder to all those in Australia. Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow is screening for one night only this week at selected village, hoyts and independent cinemas . It is on thursday May the 16th and most sessions at at 6.30pm. Check local listings and dont miss it one last time on the big screen. The theatrical version screens with a 13 minute introduction from Paul McCartney himself that wont be on the upcoming dvd release.

After thursday Ill post a review of the screening.

Review Driving Miss Daisy Stage play Melbourne May 12th 2013

Set in 1948 in Georgia ,Driving Miss Daisy tells the story of Daisy a southern american woman, difficult racist and stern. After a nasty accident where she nearly destroys her car , her son insists that she stop driving. He goes about recruiting a black driver to transport her to all her regular activities.

She is extremely hesitant and for the first week tells her newly employed driver Hoke to sit in the kitchen and do nothing.
Being a proud man he insists on doing some work , tending to daisy’s flowers. But eventually she comes around and he drives her to the piggly wiggly supermarket the first of many journeys they make together literally and figuratively.

As the Journey continue the bond between Miss Daisy and Hoke continue to grow. Later in the play even Daisies synagogue is fire bombed. This even brings about an epiphany in Daisy where she can now see and understand the struggle the black people have endured . The play takes place over 25 odd year period. The enduring friendship and change in the protagonists in the way they come to empathise and appreciate each other is what kept things interesting.

Seeing two screen legends perform this play was in one word incredible. I felt I was viewing an absolute tour deforce of acting. Angela Lansbury draws special praise here as her ageing from a loud mouth difficult woman into a defenceless vulnerable old woman was so subtle but totally believable. James Earl Jones was all class playing the sensitive Hoke . He plays of Angela beautifully and they have an incredible chemistry that cant be faked. Lastly Boyd Gaines not such a well known name in Australia. On broadway he is a stage vetran with many awards. He plays Miss Daisy’s son ,his part is what knits the piece together. The characters arguments with his mother about stopping driving were very funny and touching at the same time. His character I felt adored his mother but she also drove him crazy to .

All in all Driving Miss Daisy is a tour de force of acting great dialogue and fantastic writing. The staging was simple but effective . I took my mother for mothers day we were both huge fans of Angela Lansbury we were enthralled and very enriched by the experience.

A true 5 Star occasion.

Glen Hansard and Lisa Hannigan LIve in Melbourne 23rd March

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of going to see Glen Hansard live.
This would be the 4th time I had seen him play, I had seen him twice in Melbourne with the swell season and once in London. This gig would prove to be quite different for a few reasons. Firstly Glen is no longer The Swell Season . This tour is a solo affair gone is Marketa Irglova and coming in a string section, horns and a keyboardist. The night started of with Lisa Hannigan Solo playing songs from her two albums delicately and with beauty . Then Glen comes on and the show builds like an explosive volcano , quiet then the eruption of soul rock and experimental .

The other highlight for me was the addition of the Bruce Springsteen Classic Drive All Night. With that song came the bosses own Sax player and nephew of legend Clarence Clemons , Jake Clemons. His Sax Playing was sublime.

I particularly loved the treatment of falling slowly complete with full strings it lifted the song to a place I hadn’t felt it had been since it appeared in the Once closing credits.

The night ended as amazingly as it had began. Upon finishing the final song Glen and company still playing there instruments took to the floor of the theatre then walked out of the theatre with audience in tow playing yet another small set of songs in the foyer of the hall. It seemed that every irish expat joined in on irish classics such as the auld triangle.

The show was just mammoth with a running time including Lisa Hannigan’s set of over 4hrs it was a night of incredible stories, great music and a celebration of what it is to be alive.

Glen is a total pro and a gentleman to boot on his last tour in 2010 I got to meet the man and found him to be warm and as nice of a human being as you would ever find.

In a time when people feel disconnected from the big business of music and entertainment in general, Glen brings back the intimacy and connection surely lacking from big stadium and arena shows. By the end of the night you feel like he has played to you.


I had a chance today to go shoot some stuff out in Fitzroy.
It is a meca for street art and alternative life styles here in Melbourne.
With the new firmware the camera was very fast. It started very quickly and auto focus didn’t miss a beat.
Everything below was shot with the 35mm 1.4.

FItzroy major grafiti work.

Fitroy street art

The work is extremely cool and artistic . As you can see I also operated the camera in panorama mode.
I also noticed this mode to work a lot faster. It did not freeze or stutter as it did with the original firmware.
I found it a lot easier to use. As well as the faster focusing this mode is now very usable and fun to boot.

Fitroy Grafiti


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