A Couple of Fuji X pro 1 reviews

  I am just posting a couple of interesting reviews of the X pro 1. I thought this one was most interesting about using the camera to shoot a wedding   http://thomasmarek.blogspot.de/2012/07/fuji-x-pro-1-review-from-documentary.html   Secondly this review reflects upon using the camera in a studio portrait situation again a very interesting read. http://creativelondonphotographer.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/a-studio-affair-review-of-the-fuji-x-pro-1-studio-performance/

Fuji X Pro 1 Jpeg performance and quality.

All Pictures here are Jpegs with no processing either in camera or out. The Fuji X pro 1 shoots some the the finest most natural jpegs I have seen in my time in photography.┬áThe colors are rich the files are not over processed or sharpened . The X pro’s files tend to have a warmer

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