Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow one night only on the big screen my review.

Tonight I had the great delight of attending a screening of Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow. This film brings back many great memories. I used the play the live album from this tour all the time as a teenager and drive my parents insane. I have seen Paul many times in person but I was only born the year the film was released so this was particularly special as it wasn’t possible for me to be at this tour. Its especially pleasing that Paul at his very peak can now be viewed in such a fantastic way. The film is great bar a few issues relating to the age of the source material. I also have to say what a band Wings were they were one of the best live acts of the 70’s and here it shows. There material is diverse and there performance as a band are very tight.

Here are my plusses and minuses about the remastered film from a critical point of view.
Paul vocals sounded damm incredible upfront strong bluesy and soulful . His piano was mixed rite up front so I got to admire his piano playing. This is often his overlooked skill , his playing here is sweet and funky where it needs to be.
His bass work is just amazing and sounded great. I loved hearing the different live versions of the material to what I know so well on Wings Over America. The stage patter and in between song stuff just great, it helped give you that intimacy of being there. its funny seeing the band so big on the screen shows how stoned they were Linda and Denny especially. Great being able to see Linda and Jimmy alive at there peak. I  felt like I was there in the arena , it was as if the cinema disappeared and He was playing to me.

A few minor quibbles though . The mix had the backing vocals to low in my opinion , you would cut to denny or linda and there was nothing no audible singing, this was especially prevalent during Maybe Im Amazed. The editing in places is a tad rough especially coming out of the Long and winding road , the cut is very hard and is noticeable . You could definitely tell which was 16mm footage and what was 35mm. The 35mm stuff was so pristine it could of been shot yesterday. Lastly I wanted more horns they were a bit soft in places. Lastly a few times I had the feeling we were listening to some overdubbed songs some felt to dry and not enough reverb from the stadium.


His bass work is just amazing and sounded great. I loved hearing different live versions to what I know so well on Wings Over America. In some places the differences were quite a lot in others not so. As this was the last gig of the tour the performances have a lot of energy. In my opinion a lot more than the live album.
The stage patter and in between song stuff just great. Funny moment seeing the band so big on the screen shows how stoned they were linda and denny especially. It was also great being able to see Linda and Jimmy alive at there peak.

Now I look forward to the Bluray of Rockshow and the box set of Wings Over America. Lastly the bad news if you missed it at the cinema its not likely to return.

Glen Hansard Italy Tour film 2012

In April 2013 filmmaker Myles O’Reilly was invited on board the good ship Hansard to accompany Glen and his band around Italy for a few days while touring Italy in Europe to promote his debut solo album, Rhythm And Repose. ¬†This film tells the story of life on road here is presented the whole film for your enjoyment.


Reminder Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow Screening this thursday in Australia.

A big reminder to all those in Australia. Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow is screening for one night only this week at selected village, hoyts and independent cinemas . It is on thursday May the 16th and most sessions at at 6.30pm. Check local listings and dont miss it one last time on the big screen. The theatrical version screens with a 13 minute introduction from Paul McCartney himself that wont be on the upcoming dvd release.

After thursday Ill post a review of the screening.

Review Driving Miss Daisy Stage play Melbourne May 12th 2013

Set in 1948 in Georgia ,Driving Miss Daisy tells the story of Daisy a southern american woman, difficult racist and stern. After a nasty accident where she nearly destroys her car , her son insists that she stop driving. He goes about recruiting a black driver to transport her to all her regular activities.

She is extremely hesitant and for the first week tells her newly employed driver Hoke to sit in the kitchen and do nothing.
Being a proud man he insists on doing some work , tending to daisy’s flowers. But eventually she comes around and he drives her to the piggly wiggly supermarket the first of many journeys they make together literally and figuratively.

As the Journey continue the bond between Miss Daisy and Hoke continue to grow. Later in the play even Daisies synagogue is fire bombed. This even brings about an epiphany in Daisy where she can now see and understand the struggle the black people have endured . The play takes place over 25 odd year period. The enduring friendship and change in the protagonists in the way they come to empathise and appreciate each other is what kept things interesting.

Seeing two screen legends perform this play was in one word incredible. I felt I was viewing an absolute tour deforce of acting. Angela Lansbury draws special praise here as her ageing from a loud mouth difficult woman into a defenceless vulnerable old woman was so subtle but totally believable. James Earl Jones was all class playing the sensitive Hoke . He plays of Angela beautifully and they have an incredible chemistry that cant be faked. Lastly Boyd Gaines not such a well known name in Australia. On broadway he is a stage vetran with many awards. He plays Miss Daisy’s son ,his part is what knits the piece together. The characters arguments with his mother about stopping driving were very funny and touching at the same time. His character I felt adored his mother but she also drove him crazy to .

All in all Driving Miss Daisy is a tour de force of acting great dialogue and fantastic writing. The staging was simple but effective . I took my mother for mothers day we were both huge fans of Angela Lansbury we were enthralled and very enriched by the experience.

A true 5 Star occasion.

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