Low light performance Fuji X Pro 1 iso 6400

So this picture is shot at iso 6400 . Remarkable considering the high iso rating.
It is definitely usable. If it was a matter of getting the shot or not 6400 is the way to go. I was using f1.8 and getting 110th of a second which isnt to bad at all.
I am continually being impressed by what the camera can do.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises IMAX

Today I got to see the latest Batman film. I was privileged to see it in IMAX.

Firstly the film, It was spectacular the sequence where Bane is taken from the plane was gob smacking in IMAX. I feel this is the way to see the movie. The IMAX format is so immersive and epic I feel if I had seen it in normal 35mm I would of felt removed from the film. The proportions and size literally made you feel like you were in Bruce Waynes world. You feel every punch every move.

Make no mistake about it , to understand this film you have to of seen all three. There are major references and story arc’s from the first and second movies.

Back to IMAX, what makes what Christopher Nolan achieved even more remarkable is the fact he used IMAX at all. The cameras are very heavy and large. They only can take 2 minutes of film at any one time. But the format has upto 18,000 lines of information compared to 4000 lines of 35mm film.

When the film changed from IMAX into 35mm mode you could see a dramatic drop in resolution. This unfortunately is the trade off to enjoy this stunning technology. 71 minutes of the film was shot on IMAX and for the they are the most intense visually amazing parts to enjoy. They tended to kick in during the major sequences. Special mention goes to the destruction of the football stadium very crazy and epic.

For me I most enjoyed Tom Hardy as Bane his intensity and that voice made him imposing . The early fight sequence with Batman where he tore him apart was devastating. Anne Hathaway was sexy sleek and imposing as Selina Kyle . I liked how the character developed and grew through her association with Waynes. You could so tell she was having so much fun on this film.

The soundtrack and mix were also a big star of this film. The sub had a major workout it literally made my ribs rattle. The music score was powerful and added to the intensity. I have now seen all three and I believe the conclusion to the trilogy was apt and mighty well done.

Here are 2 very interesting articles the first on why Chris Nolan doesn’t like 3d


then an article about his use of the amazing IMAX format both great reads.


Some new X Pro 1 walk around shots

Doggie waiting for mummy

I did a little walk around shoot today with my X Pro 1 and the 35mm lens. The dog above was at iso 1600 then tones in lightroom.

This one is a shop front believe or not you can buy this.

35mm 1.4

Lastly some street posters for you to enjoy. The 35mm is an amazing lens so sharp so much fun to use its a must have.

A Couple of Fuji X pro 1 reviews


I am just posting a couple of interesting reviews of the X pro 1. I thought this one was most interesting about using the camera to shoot a wedding




Secondly this review reflects upon using the camera in a studio portrait situation again a very interesting read.


Fuji X Pro 1 Jpeg performance and quality.

All Pictures here are Jpegs with no processing either in camera or out.

The Fuji X pro 1 shoots some the the finest most natural jpegs I have seen in my time in photography. The colors are rich the files are not over processed or sharpened .
The X pro’s files tend to have a warmer more filmic look. I would compare this to a fine grained slide film of yesteryear.

This image above I shot with the provia film simulation it tends to make things look quite blue but hey if that is what your after the x pro can do it.

What amazes me is even in my days shooting with the canon 5d mark 2 I would never of considered shooting Jpeg as I never considered the engine good enough to produce color that didn’t need tweaking.

I whole heartedly believe I could work in Jpeg if I was away on tour with no computer. I feel the results would satisfy my demands.

As there are limited options for processing raw files from the X Pro 1 I am not in any hurry to stop using the jpeg’s.

You have silkypix , adobe bridge and not much else as options . Not even Apples Aperture yet supports the X Pro 1. Very disappointing Apple.

The New Fuji X Pro 1 lenses what will I get?

It is now old news about the X Pro 1 lens roadmap, but it got me thinking.
What out of the roadmap do I think will suit my photographic needs?
Well I need a wide angle so my choices will be the 14mm prime or the 10-24mm zoom.
The considerations here will be do I want a prime lens which I will have to work a bit harder to accomplish what I am after?
Do I want the wider 10mm zoom ? In my opinion I believe the 10-22 will be more expensive than the x mount primes.
I am only making this judgment as I think it will be a more complex lens to keep optical performance through the zoom.
What appeals about prime lenses are that optically they are generally sharper and perform great.
If the 14mm is kept at the same price as the other primes, I think I will go with the 14mm.
I should also point out that the 14mm is 21mm in 35 mm format so it is very wide but not so wide you will suffer from distracting distortions.

To keep the weight and size of my kit down I will keep it to a 3 lens setup .
The next lens I am looking forward to is the 55-200.
What a piece of kit this will be . It is image stabilised and covers everything one needs to pull in closer and fill your frame.
My only concern here is , where will Fuji price the camera . My hope is under the $1000 mark . If it retains the performance of the other lenses it could be one of the strongest.
I also hope Fuji keep its weight down, so the kit doesn’t become unbalanced whilst in use.

Come mid next year my kit will be 35mm 1.4 , 14mm 2.8 , 55-200 f3.5 . So I will have a zoom a wide and a portrait lens.
Perfect to cover all my needs and wants.

The Amazing Spiderman 3d experience .

I love 3d . I love 3d a lot. I realise there are many if not a lot of people in this world who hate it but I love it.
Ok here is thing I dont love it all the time or in your face all the time. So fast forward to the other day. I go and see spiderman. I had a lot of fun with it. But what really stuck out for me was the creative use of 3d. For a lot of the film the eventuated depth was minimal which suited the story and the feel of the film.
But then when we see Peter Parker finally swinging through the New York Skyline then the 3d kicked in. It was amazingly immersive . For some reason or probably because it was used sparingly I suffered zero eyestrain. I have seen a lot of very badly done 3d that has given me headaches. In my opinion 3d should be used like surround sound on when it enhances the story.
Just imagine a film with distracting noises in the surround speakers all the way through. No they wouldn’t do it. So applying the same methodology to 3d is the way forward.
Also reflecting on the film, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker was fantastic his performance was very nuanced. The guy has a big future ahead. The film Directed by Marc Webb who did 500 days of summer does the whole teenage angst love thing bloody well in my opinion. The early scenes reminded me stylishly of 500 days. All round a fun film which I highly recommend.

Pimping out your Fuji X Pro 1

All dressed up to the night

You have you new Fuji X pro 1 well before you start shooting there are a few things I advise purchasing all pictured in the above picture. Dont worry none of what I am suggesting is very expensive but it is very practical.

Firstly the lens hood that comes with the camera while nice and built from metal has a major drawback. That drawback is that it only fits the god awful rubber lens cap. This lenscap falls off all the time and generally leaves the lens vulnerable to damage. So again as pictures above, I found a fantastic alternative. Whilst browsing through ebay I stumbled upon a leica copy lens hood. These run about $12 for the hood and cap. The cap fastens very tightly onto the hood but is very easy to get off by hand when needed.

Secondly the shutter button has a bare thread for a shutter release . Under the finger the sensation is not optimal . So you can buy a button to screw into the thread. I find sensation of having the smooth button much more pleasing when shooting. These run about $8 on ebay.

Thirdly the strap that comes with the camera is cheap nasty rubbish. So I replaced mine with a very minimalist leather strap. Its is very light and comfortable around ones neck . This on ebay runs between $30-60 depending on quality.

Very importantly a screen protector for your new expensive camera is paramount. The LCD on the X pro 1 is very vulnerable to scratches. This is a very worthwhile investment. They shouldn’t cost you any more than about $15 but if you dropped your camera and didn’t have one on you could be up for a big repair bill.

An absolute must is a spare battery. I bought one of ebay for $15 and it runs fine. The battery life of the X Pro 1 will cause you headaches if you dont carry a spare.

As you might be able to see by the picture , I also added the Fuji Grip for the X Pro 1 . With my big man hands I found it ergonomically not satisfactory for holding. Once I applied the grip it improved the ergonomics a lot. The camera now feels like its moulded to your hand. But at $135 it doesn’t come cheap.

X Pro 1 grip

So you have your camera now what will you carry it around in?
The internet is abounding with advice to buy expensive bags for your camera. What I wanted was a retro bag that wasn’t to big and could carry the X pro 1 plus a lens or two spare battery etc.
What I stumbled upon was, if you search for vintage camera bags on ebay you get a choice of fun small retro looking bags. No they are not real leather but they look good and carry everything I need without adding weight or much girth. They tend to run $25-50 that is a big saving over many bags which can run over $150 and not even accomplish what my bag has.

Further Fuji X Pro 1 Observations

Yesterday I took the X Pro 1 out and did some shooting at the queen victoria market.

The light was lousey it was busy and a lot of fun. The thing that is so great about the camera is I can have it around my neck always at the ready. Because it is so small no one takes any notice of it.


The camera’s high ISO performance is nothing short of amazing. No longer do I have to be concerned about dull light or non existent light. Set the camera at say 3200 ISO and you can shoot in situations unimagnable before,

Also of interest I was shooting with the 18mm f2 lens which has some interesting quirks. Its best sharpness in my non scientific test was around f5.6 and above . As noted elsewhere it can be a bit soft in the corners wide open. I definitely believe also the auto focus is at its weakest with this lens. The strongest auto focusing is to be had with the 35 1.4 which is very snappy.

Lastly I just wanted to mention that my camera body and lenses are all working with the latest firmware.

The Fuji X Pro 1

I have now had my new camera for a few weeks and have been doing some shooting.
The X pro 1 is a very quirky camera but hey for me that is one of its selling points.
What has blown me away is the level of detail captured by its APSC sensor

Luna Park Melbourne Australia

The picture above has no post processing no sharpening nothing. The lens is sharp even wide open. A lot has been written about the poor performance of the auto focus. In my experience after the cameras firmware was updated recently the autofocus works well.

I came from a 5D mark 2 and in my opinion the autofocus is on a similar par with the 5D which served me well for many years.
My other observation is the colour. The colours are just wonderful some of the most accurate colour rendition I have seen on a digital camera. They remind me very much of old Fuji transparency film.
The camera is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Coming soon are 7 lenses a couple of zooms and fast primes. For my work I am thinking about the 10-22mm for my landscape work or even possibly the 14mm . If these lenses perform anything like the 3 that are already out this system can only get stronger.

shot on the x pro 1 processed in lightroom

Now for my disappointments . The battery life is awful. To preserve battery life I turn the screen off completely and carry a spare battery. The strap that came with the camera is awl full to for a camera that costs over $2000 in Australia I expected better. The lens caps for the lens shades fall off and are plastic and cheap again I have replaced them.
I got this camera to lighten my load from my 5D big tick there
Low light performance big tick again
Lens and image quality even bigger tick
I am a very happy shooter so far over time I will add further impressions

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